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Premier League drops opposition to 3pm match broadcasts

League believed to have bowed to pressure from the government

England’s Premier League has dropped its opposition to lifting the long-standing 3pm match blackout, a move that could see matches broadcast on free-to-air TV.

The league had initially been opposed to broadcasting matches that kick-off at 3pm, even if the games have to take place behind closed doors.

However, it’s believed pressure from the government, which wants to see matches available on FTA channels, has led to the turnaround.

Talks are on-going as to how fans would be able to watch the matches. There has been speculation current rights holders Sky and BT Sport could make them available on their YouTube channels, meaning football fans wouldn’t need a subscription to watch.

According to The Times, discussions between the Premier League and clubs are on-going, but they have decided that games should not be shown simultaneously.

What that would mean for broadcasters and production teams covering matches remains to be seen.