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Poll: 5G and enhanced video streaming capabilities will drive growth in gaming

Findings from our Hope and Hype of Cloud Gaming webinar

A poll by TVBEurope and InterDigital has revealed 5G and enhanced video streaming capabilities are expected to drive a huge growth in gaming worldwide by 2024.

Research by InterDigital and ABI revealed there will be more than 3.4 billion gamers worldwide by 2024.

As part of our webinar looking at the hope and hype of Cloud gaming, we asked the audience to vote on what they thought would be the main drivers for this growth.

The poll offered four options, enhanced video streaming capabilities, emerging Cloud platforms, the proliferation of 5G, and growth in the use of AR/VR.

Both 5G and video streaming topped the poll, receiving 30.8 per cent each of the votes cast.

Emerging Cloud platforms came second with 23.1 per cent of the votes cast, while the use of AR/VR received 15.4 per cent.

The webinar featured an expert panel discussing a number of different topics, including whether the gaming industry will be able to manage that kind of demand, what impact 5G and 6G could have, how gaming and Cloud are being used in TV and film production, and if bundling gaming with TV content have an impact on the market.

The full webinar is available to watch on-demand here.