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Pilot project tests distribution of FAST channels in DVB-C networks

The project makes Germany's wedo movies the first FAST channel to be distributed via DVB-C

Video Solutions AG,, and have joined forces with Deutsche Netzmarketing to launch  a pilot project distribute the FAST channel wedo movies DVB-C networks in Germany.

The project makes wedo movies the first FAST channel to be distributed via DVB-C. It has been divided into two phases, the first involving the distribution of the channel to Smart TVs in order to enable targeted advertising, the second will include TVs that don’t have access to the internet.

“With DNMG, and we have three strong partners who share our vision of the television of the future,” said Phillipp Rotermund, CEO and founder of Video Solutions AG.

“Instead of struggling through the time-consuming, confusing on-demand offering, more and more viewers are discovering FAST Channels, which provide them with exactly what they want to watch around the clock, free of charge. For advertising partners, this results in new, attractive options for addressing their target groups.”