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Netflix exploring ‘DVD extras’

Streamer is reportedly considering N-Plus, a new feature that would include behind-the-scenes content, user reviews, and even get viewers involved in commissioning

Netflix is looking at offering subscribers extra bang for their buck with a new service that is expected to  include podcasts, user-generated playlists, how-tos and more.

The streamer has sent out a survey to selected users asking if they’d be interested in the additional content.

The new service is currently known as N-Plus and the survey describes it as “a future online space where you can learn more about the Netflix shows you love and anything related to them”.

A spokesperson for Netflix told Protocol that the survey was one of its many efforts to gauge the audience’s response to features and changes it’s considering introducing, which tends to be the streamer’s standard response to any media queries about new features.

Among N-Plus’s features is the the ability for users to create their playlists and share them with other Netflix subscribers.

It’s also expected to include Netflix-curated behind-the-scenes content, user reviews, podcasts diving deeper into a show’s production, in-memoriam pages, and even the option for viewers to get involved with commissioning by offering their thoughts on proposed new shows.