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JW Player receives new US patent for real-time ad viewability technology

New patent makes JW Player "the only video platform outside of 'walled gardens' that provides real-time viewability metrics"

JW Player has announced that it has been awarded a new US patent for its real-time viewability technology. The technology allows advertisers to see whether an ad will be viewable before they place a bid, “optimising ad spend and opening valuable new inventory that would otherwise be excluded from campaigns due to historically low viewability”. 

“Real-time viewability is like knowing if a pitch will be a ball or a strike before it’s even thrown,” said Michael Schwalb, GM of data and partnerships at JW Player. “As the video player on the page, JW Player has access to granular information that nobody else has. Our technology gives advertisers the confidence their ad dollars won’t be wasted on non-viewable ads, and enables publishers to monetise a wider share of their content. We’re proud to be a leader in providing publishers with the tools to thrive in today’s digital video economy.” 

The company said that advertisers traditionally base their ad bids on pre-bid viewability data, which indicates the historical probability that ads are viewable on a publisher’s property. Typically, advertisers buy ads that are historically viewable above a certain threshold percentage. However, this means ad placements that are currently viewable on a viewer’s page may be excluded from campaigns if the property has historically low viewability rates.

“This patent makes JW Player the only video platform outside of walled gardens that provides real-time viewability metrics,” said Nir Yungster, VP of engineering at JW Player and the lead author of the patent. “Our AI learns from millions of videos playing across the web to make real-time predictions about whether an ad will be viewable when the bid request goes out. When you combine these real-time viewability metrics with JW Player’s best-in-class contextual targeting capabilities, advertisers can now confidently place ads on content that is both viewable and highly relevant to their brand at scale. In short, this technology makes campaigns that were historically impossible, possible.”