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Is AR coming to Apple TV Plus?

Augmented reality (AR) content is set to be a new component for Apple’s TV Plus streaming service next year, according to a report from Bloomberg. Apple is also reportedly working on head-mounted AR-capable devices which Bloomberg forecasts to be launched in 2022, with AR glasses following a year later.

The report suggests that the AR content itself could be characters or objects from any given show, which would then be overlaid onto the real-world environment via an iPhone or iPad app. The feature was scheduled to launch in 2020, but for obvious reasons it has been put back to 2021.

Apple TV Plus recently struck a deal with American Airlines to include its content in the airline’s on-board entertainment.

The deal will see 11 Apple TV Plus originals included on American Airlines’ streaming-entertainment menu, which allows travellers to stream content on their own device whilst on-board. Viewers don’t need to pay for Wi-Fi during their flight if they have the app installed on their device.