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Is Amazon looking to go linear?

Company has posted job listings detailing plans for a new Linear TV service

Amazon is reportedly looking to to add 24/7 live programming to its Prime Video Service.

According to Protocol the company is “actively pursuing” deals to license live and linear programming covering live sport, news, and music as well as scheduled film and TV content. “You should assume they’re talking to everybody,” a source said.

Amazon is aiming to differentiate its content offering to that of both Netflix and Disney Plus, who are focused exclusively on video-on-demand. It’s thought Amazon could be aiming to combine its VoD content with must-see live TV.

The move is also said to be a response to the growing popularity of linear streaming services like Pluto and Xumo.

Protocol reports Amazon has posted job listings revealing some details about its plans. In an advert for a new position in its live events team, the company said “This is a transformative opportunity, the chance to be at the vanguard of a program that will revolutionise Prime Video.”

“Linear TV enables customers to watch 24/7 streams of their favourite TV stations airing programs including sports, news, movies, award shows, special events and TV shows,” states another post.

Another posting says the company is looking to build next generation linear catalogue systems to provide a “best-in-class Linear TV experience to Prime Video customers. It is Day 1 for the linear TV experience on Prime Video.”

Amazon has declined to comment on the report.