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French TV giants join forces on #Alamaison linear channel

Linear channel will be available to 37 million French TV viewers

French broadcasters TF1, France Télévisions, M6, Mediawan and Gaumont are joining forces to launch a new linear TV channel offering cultural and educational content.

The channel, which is called #Alamaison, will be available throughout the coronavirus lockdown in France. It will be on air from 7am to 11pm every day.

“Unfortunately, the media sector does not have the technical means to help manufacture or transport masks or hydroalcoholic gel. We cannot help with the sale or transportation of food either. But it was essential that we also help the French in this very difficult period,” said Pierre-Antoine Capton, the founder of Mediawan, which has spearheaded the initiative. “We all have lots of great shows in our archives. It would have been a waste not to make them available to the public.”

The channel will have no advertising, meaning it will not generate any profit for the companies involved. All of the broadcasters involved have committed to making a donation to France’s fund to beat the virus.