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Europe sees huge jump in streaming since lockdown began

Just Watch reports spikes of over 200 per cent in traffic as viewers search for content to watch

European viewers have turned to streaming services more than ever since the start of lockdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Just Watch, an international streaming guide that helps over 25 million users per month across 43 countries to find something to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes, etc. said it had seen traffic increase by over 200 per cent across much of its European territories since countries began implementing lockdown.

According to the company’s tracker, the UK version of the app has seen an increase of over 200 per cent since lockdown began; Spain has also increased by over 200 per cent whereas Germany has an increase of around 130 per cent.

“We observed a rapid spike in our visitor numbers of about 200 per cent since the UK has been confronted with the corona crisis,” Christoph Hoyer, Just Watch’s CMO told TVBEurope. “We can follow this trend over the whole world right now. When strict measures are applied the demand for streaming jumps up really fast, and we expect it continue to grow even more and remain at this high level.”

The tracker can be seen at Just Watch’s website.

Meanwhile, the company also looked at the market share of the leading streaming services in the UK between 24th March and 8th April. Hoyer said: “In the first three weeks after the launch we saw Disney Plus grabbing 6 per cent of the overall SVoD market share on JustWatch – or in other words 27 per cent of Netflix’s size. We are expecting their numbers to grow even further during the next months.”