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DPP identifies six key success factors for distribution businesses

Distribution: Delivering for audiences identifies six key success factors for achieving flexible, responsible, and user-centric content delivery.

The DPP’s latest report identifies six key success factors for distribution businesses.

The report is part of the DPP’s on-going Design for Tomorrow series, and draws on the insight of 40 experts.

According to the DPP, it is incumbent on content providers to deliver an excellent experience wherever they reach their audience, whatever the device, platform, or delivery mechanism. While broadcast remains important for many, the unstoppable rise of streaming – both on connected TVs and mobile devices – has radically shifted the way content organisations plan their distribution strategy.

Distribution: Delivering for audiences identifies six key success factors based on discussion of critical subjects such as:

  • Understanding the value of diverse models for distribution and monetisation
  • Scaling for increased (or decreased) viewers, services, and platforms
  • Delivering excellent user experience to all viewers
  • Optimising technology and editorial decision making through data
  • Achieving resilience, security, and cost effectiveness

“In the past, broadcast engineers defined the future of content delivery, and sold consumers on new ideas like colour, widescreen, or HD,” said DPP CTO Rowan de Pomerai. “But today’s world is radically different. Viewers demand content on their terms, on their devices, and with a first class user experience throughout.”

“There are so many factors to consider when building distribution platforms; from picture quality to content protection, content recommendations to audience analytics. But when it comes down to it, audiences want to consume great content in a way that’s easy, convenient, and high quality. Our expert contributors shed light on how to achieve that.”

The full report is available to DPP members via its website.