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Channel 4 to broadcast world’s first ‘night mode’ TV ad break

Will apply amber colour filter to remove brain stimulating effect of blue light

Channel 4 will broadcast the world’s first ‘night mode’ TV ad break to mark World Sleep Day.

The broadcaster will remove the brain stimulating effect of TV’s blue light by applying an amber coloured filter to adverts on the advert break that will be broadcast tonight on Channel 4, E4 and More4 at around 9.45pm.

All of the advertisers taking part in the slot will remove the blue lights in their ads.

Channel 4 will also provide viewers with pre-bedtime tips to help them get to sleep more easily.

The following ad break will include a 90-second relaxation film featuring adults which aims to create a relaxing moment for viewers.

This will be followed on Sunday when some of Channel 4’s idents will also be set to ‘night mode’.