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Canal Plus launches low-latency UHD OTT streaming

Broadcaster was able to reduce latency on its OTT service from 40 seconds to 5

Canal Plus has launched low-latency streaming in UHD on Apple 4K TV with the help of Ateme’s NEA solution.

Viewers can stream content in both HD and UHD with “almost no delay compared to broadcast delivery,” said Ateme.

Ateme’s Just-In-Time NEA packager now offers production-grade low latency in pull mode for both HLS and DASH. By using Ateme’s end-to-end OTT video delivery solution – which includes both NEA and TITAN – content and streaming service providers are able to achieve a latency reduction from 40 seconds to just five, said the company.

“Keeping latency as low as possible while ensuring optimum visual quality is crucial for the viewer experience in live sports – think live football, rugby and Formula 1. But this has typically been a difficult strategy to balance. With Ateme’s NEA solution we’re able to offer both, without compromise,” said Philippe Rivas, distribution technical director at Canal Plus.