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Bundesliga to trial 5G in stadium during Supercup

1,000 fans will be able to access live stats on a special 5G app during the match between Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig

This weekend’s Supercup in Germany between Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig will see 1,000 Vodafone customers trialling a new 5G app on their smartphones.

Fans will be able to use the app to discover more data about what’s happening on the pitch – such as how fast Sadio Mane is running.

By pointing their screen at the pitch, fans can access augmented reality graphics where they can follow a particular player’s performance.

The app has been developed by the Deutsche Fussball League and Vodafone and it will be the first time it’s been available during a competitive game.

Vodafone said it intends to make the app available to all Bundesliga teams for use in their stadiums in the future.

The new app uses 5G alongside Multi-Access Edge Computing technology, which Vodafone is developing together with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Vodafone said that its 5G is able to deliver video with less than 10 milliseconds latency.

“For those who love statistics, we are expanding the on-site stadium experience with game information from the digital world,” said Vodafone innovation manager, Michael Reinartz. “After a successful test with selected test subjects in Wolfsburg and a demonstration in front of the guests of SportsInnovation 2022, numerous fans who are interested can now use the app with their own smartphones in a competitive game for the first time.”