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Alibaba Cloud joins SRT Alliance

Alliance now counts more than 300 members

The SRT Alliance has welcomed another influx of members, including Alibaba Cloud and Red5 Pro.

The Alliance aims to support the cross industry adoption of the SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) Open Source protocol and technology.

It now counts more than 300 companies as members.

SRT optimises streaming performance and quality across unpredictable networks with low-latency secure streams and is said to be the fastest-growing open source video streaming movement.

“We’ve implemented SRT support at the edge of our network for broadcasters that need to bring in contribution streams in the Alibaba Cloud,” said Glyn Smith, head of media and entertainment product solutions, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. “By using SRT at the edge, broadcasters can reap the benefits of faster response times and minimal latency while avoiding network congestion.”