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Akamai: Web traffic hits another all-time high

The company's web traffic has doubled since October 2019

Akamai has announced its edge network delivered data at a rate of 200 terabits per second (Tbps) last week, beating the company’s previous record of 181 Tbps set in November 2020.

Akamai says that a combination of a large sporting event, major video game downloads and several large software updates drove the peak in traffic.

“We’re often asked why it’s so important that Akamai have a network that’s as scalable as it is—and last week is a good example of the importance of our distributed network,” wrote Adam Karon, COO at Akamai, in a blog post.

“The scale and reach of the Akamai network is fundamental to facilitating good business and stopping bad actors without impacting end users’ experiences,” Karon added.

Traffic growth has been occurring rapidly for Akamai, as the company first hit 100 Tbps in October 2019.