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70,000 hours of content and we still can’t find anything to watch

Ampere Analysis warns the golden age of cheap content for SVoD companies is ending.

The average UK SVoD household has access to 70,000 hours of content according to new figures from Ampere Analysis.

Other European markets are a little further behind – largely due to Amazon’s vast UK catalogue – the average SVoD household in France has access to around 30,000 hours of content and 33,000 hours in Germany, said Ampere.

In the US the number is much higher, standing at 90,000 hours, but this is due to more services currently available in the American market, including HBO Max and Peacock.

Ampere states that the “golden age” of cheap streaming is coming to an end, driven by many of the US studios moving to a direct-to-consumer strategy, meaning established players such as Amazon and Netflix are increasingly unable to license content from their previous studio suppliers. This means that for consumers, the ability to pay for just one or two streaming services and access all the key TV shows and films, is steadily coming to an end, said the analysts.

Alexios Dimitropoulos, research manager at Ampere Analysis said: “2020 has been an incredible year for SVoD. The pandemic drove a massive growth in the number of subscriptions, and the new services that launched this year have posted impressive customer numbers. Consumers will have access to more high-quality content than ever before as new and existing services complete to produce more original content. However, as studios continue with their direct-to-consumer strategy, the golden age of access to cheap content is coming to a close.”