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YouTube TV adds 4K, offline viewing options

YouTube says that its vMVPD service is its fastest area of growth

YouTube TV, which according to YouTube now has more than 3 million paid subscribers and more than 85 networks, is adding a handful of new features to boost the vMVPD’s user experience.

New features for YouTube TV will include an add-on option that enables the ability to watch 4K content, download shows to their DVR and watch later offline and have unlimited concurrent streams at home.

There are also new capabilities for watching sports. In a blog post, YouTube said that viewers can view key plays, hide spoilers (if the game’s recorded) and check out real-time stats.

YouTube also announced new features for some of its other offerings, including YouTube Kids, which has new parental tools that allows parents to add specific videos and channels from the main YouTube platform to their children’s viewing choices. Also, YouTube is working on Shorts, a short-form video tool supposedly akin to TikTok that is expected to launch in the United States in March.