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For the first time, kids are watching more online video than traditional TV

New report from Ofcom looks at time spent watching TV during the past year

Children are watching more streaming content than traditional TV, according to a new report by Ofcom.

The regulator found that over the last year, children spent 11 hours 19 minutes watching non-broadcast content, up from 2019’s 7 hours 49 minutes.

That compares to 6 hours 54 minutes spent watching traditional TV during 2020.

Ofcom’s report found 40 per cent of parents of 5-15 years old, and 30 per cent of parents of pre-schoolers admitted they found it more difficult to control their children’s screen time during the last year.

Up to half of parents also said they had to relax their approach to their children’s online use as a result of lockdown restrictions.