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Accedo supports ITVX expansion to PlayStation 4 and 5

The video solutions provider previously worked with ITV to support the launch of ITVX in 2022

Accedo has confirmed it has collaborated with ITV to extend the ITVX streaming service to PlayStation consoles in the UK.

The video solutions provider said it worked with ITV to support the launch of ITVX on both the Sony Playstation 4 and 5 games consoles, aiming to broaden the reach of the streaming service. Accedo previously worked on the launch of ITVX, which provides its audience of 40 million registered users in the UK with a mix of live linear content, curated FAST channels and a VoD library of programmes.

“Launching  ITVX to PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles supports ITV’s position as a leader in UK advertiser-funded streaming,” said Huw Byrne Jones, streaming director of engineering (core experience), ITV. “Making ITVX more widely available will help us increase active users and create more value for advertisers. Accedo is a trusted partner, and has been instrumental in supporting ITV in bringing the ITVX service to this platform.”

Martin Sebelius, SVP EMEA and Latin America, Accedo, said: “The expansion of ITVX on to additional platforms will help ITV deliver its world-class programming to even more people, while also offering viewers more choice in ways to watch. This is important in today’s fragmented market where users are able to access content on an ever-expanding range of devices and platforms. Ensuring expansive reach is imperative in staying competitive and in aiding both user acquisition and retention strategies.”