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Video: Sunset+Vine and BT Sport pioneering the remote production revolution?

Has live broadcast changed forever? Has the pandemic crisis made remote production the new normal? Sunset+Vine and BT Sport showcase how they have been at the forefront of the remote production revolution

Production company Sunset+Vine has produced a video giving insight into its work with BT Sport during the lockdown period.

In the video, the company’s executive producer and head of football, Stephen Booth, takes viewers behind the scenes of the completely live remote production of BT Sport’s Early Kick Off. It shows a team spread out far and wide across the UK managing their normal production roles live from their homes.

Booth ends the video by saying, “We’ve all had to adapt to new ways of working and we’ve asked ourselves the fundamental question: ‘has live broadcast changed forever? Has this crisis made remote production the ‘new normal”?

“Whatever happens, Sunset+Vine and BT Sport have been at the forefront of this remote production revolution.”

The company told TVBEurope that “Whilst the current global situation had made TV production more challenging, Sunset+Vine has remained committed to continuing to create great TV for its partners.”

Sunset+Vine is an independent television production company specialising in sport. Productions include large host broadcast operations for the ICC (Cricket), FEI (Equestrian), Commonwealth Games and Premier League Football. It also produces live coverage of rugby, football, cricket, triathlon, sailing, rowing, mountain biking, and badminton, as well as advertiser funded programming for companies like Gillette and Mobil 1.