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Sony’s 8K cinema camera captures the action at Coppa Italia Frecciarossa

Behind the goal footage was enabled through the company's  Sony VENICE 2 LIVE configuration camera

Sony has outlined some of the technology used in the production of the Lega Serie A 2024 Coppa Italia Frecciarossa final.

The 77th edition of the competition, between Atalanta and Juventus, was held on May 15th in Rome’s Stadio Olimpico and was the third consecutive year in which Sony has partnered with the league.

“The Coppa Italia Frecciarossa is one of Europe’s biggest football events, so it’s really exciting to get involved with bringing the action to fans across the world and working with Lega Serie A and their partners has been a real pleasure,” said Koji Andachi, head of media solutions marketing at Sony.

Behind the goal footage was enabled through the company’s  Sony VENICE 2 LIVE configuration camera, with the BURANO camera used at the edge of the pitch on Gimbal, leveraging its built-in image stabiliser and autofocus technologies. Filming inside the tunnel was accomplished using Sony’s FR7 full-frame interchangeable lens PTZ camera.

Luisella Fusco, media operations and broadcast director from Lega Serie A, said: “Sony has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, so it’s great to welcome once again their knowledge, experience, and equipment to the Coppa Italia Frecciarossa Final.

“The Coppa Italia Frecciarossa is always packed with action, and with people watching worldwide on screens, it is very important that we get as much of that drama across as we can. Thanks to the Sony team and innovative imaging technology, we are transforming sports content by using techniques normally used in entertainment formats.”