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Sony helps Reuters journalists shoot right around the world

Reuters is equipping its on-location video journalists across the world with Sony's Alpha and XDCAM cameras

Sony has announced that the Reuters agency has selected its range of cameras, lenses and audio equipment for its network of worldwide reporters.

Reuters is equipping its on-location video journalists across the world with Sony’s Alpha and XDCAM cameras. Sony’s Alpha 7S III and PXW-Z280 will form their main shooting kit, paired with UWP-D wireless audio, said the company.

The PXW-Z280 provides users with an electronic variable ND filter and Sony’s Instant HDR workflow, eliminating the need for colour grading, according to Sony. Multiple format support enables it to fit securely and into a wireless cloud-based news workflow.

Reuters chose the Alpha 7S III for its compact form factor and autofocus performance, together with its low-light capability. Sony said its E-Mount strategy will also allow journalists flexibility in image capture, when paired with the company’s range of lenses, including its SEL2470GM2.

Sony Australia CCS group manager Anthony Kable said, “Sony has designed its cameras to operate to the best of their abilities in high-pressure environments such as news gathering. We do this so we can provide the world’s leading media organisations with cameras that are ultimately reliable whilst producing the very best picture quality so they can capture news whenever required. Reuters’ decision to choose Sony cameras for its worldwide video group is a great example of that philosophy in action.”

The cameras and associated equipment are being shipped to 23 Reuters locations across the world.