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Pixotope’s AR technology helps celebrate 60th anniversary of first human journey in space

Pixotope’s virtual graphics software suite and Mo-Sys' camera tracking solution were used to create a virtual beam of light

Production company TDS has employed Pixotope’s augmented reality technology to help it enhance the visual experience of a special celebration of Yuri Gagarin’s first flight into space, broadcast live by TV network Russia.

The company employed Pixotope’s virtual graphics software suite, to configure all necessary hardware and software and obtain a realistic picture of a special beam of light that was used as part of the celebration.

AR-enabled cameras equipped with Mo-Sys technology were used from a large distance of 360 metres from the point of shooting to the virtual object. The original design concept called for the light beam to be so powerful that more than 60 high-power light projectors would have been needed to create it in real life.

Pavel Pupa, TDS’ Project Manager said, “Pixotope rapid design and deployment of augmented reality graphics, [was] exactly what we needed for this particular task. Whilst other software vendors may take a long time to create effective graphics combined with real-time rendering, Pixotope clearly has a very different philosophy.

“We had literally a couple of days to say ‘these are the cameras, and this is the proposed graphic’. With Pixotope we achieved a photo-realistic virtual light beam coming from inside what looks like a construction site streaming, in real-time, for at least five minutes! This has been impossible to do in any other software we’ve worked with.”