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LiveU launches on-site production solution for outside broadcasts

The solution includes LiveU's multi-cam/compact 5G 4K field units, and Mobile Receiver in the OB truck

LiveU is aiming to help outside broadcasts by sports and news broadcasters become more efficient with the launch of its new On-site Production Solution.

The solution includes LiveU’s multi-cam/compact 5G 4K field units, and Mobile Receiver in the OB truck.

Live video is transmitted directly from the units to the OB truck without the need for cables, fixed internet or networking configurations. The live feeds are transferred via the public internet and the LU-Link cloud service as part of the workflow, said LiveU.

The solution has been built from the ground up in order to optimise the performance benefits of LRT (LiveU Reliable Transport) such as low latency, high-quality, resilience and 5G, added the company.

DNA Studios in the United States has already employed the solution at the Astros Baseball Park, using a wireless camera that was taken into the depths of the stadium. “The simple set-up, and not needing a port forwarding requirement in a stadium, is a huge bonus, especially as opening up ports at major league stadiums is next to impossible,” said DNA Studios president, Sam Schrade.

“It is a much-needed tool, as RF channels are really not available anyway; they are pretty much all used up and it’s difficult to source them these days.”

Gideon Gilboa, chief product officer, LiveU, said “Remote production is an ideal solution in many cases but for some productions, on-site is still preferred. We wanted to add efficiency to OB productions, in the same way we have with REMI, and give our customers more creative choices.

“With LiveU’s On-Site Production Solution, the customer doesn’t need to undergo lengthy and costly set-ups, they don’t need network engineers on-site or to spend weeks trying to navigate venue IT protocols. They are free to plan their shots based on the story they want to share with the fans, rather than being constrained by line-of-site or cables. Ultimately the solution makes the benefits of ‘on-site’ available to productions where it would have been cost prohibitive before.”