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ITV heads to the cloud for graphics from

ITV Wales employed Data Streams as part of its coverage of the Welsh Assembly election has become the first cloud-based graphics platform to be employed by UK broadcaster ITV.

ITV Wales employed Data Streams – a new feature from Singular – as part of its coverage of the Welsh Assembly election.

Data Streams is purpose built for high frequency, high volume and low latency data and works alongside JS Data Nodes, created by the ITV team in Singular, to enable live election data to be delivered in JSON format, for immediate display as graphics.

ITV Wales was able to manipulate maps showing how the electorate had voted using composition scripts within Singular, enabling the broadcaster to isolate any area within the map with the latest relevant data.

The data was constantly and automatically updated through the Data Stream workflow, using Singular’s Composition Scripts.

“The building, linking and updating of the custom overlays worked with ease, allowing for a more time-efficient and stress-free production,” said Keith Jones, technical support engineer, ITV Wales.  “Overlay composition build and data delivery was much easier than using traditional systems. Being an HTML5, cloud-based, solution, Singular provided easy access to the graphics wherever they needed to be seen.”