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Imagine Communications future-proofs NEP Belgium OB truck

Update took just five weeks

Imagine Communications has delivered updated the core technology inside NEO Belgium’s OB truck, future-proofing it in just five weeks.

The truck’s new infrastructure has been built around Imagine’s Platinum IP3 router. In Unit 14 (as the truck is called), the Platinum IP3 router is fitted with the Platinum SX Pro multiviewer cards, adding functionality while reducing rack occupancy and power consumption.

Imagine’s Magellan SDN Orchestrator will provide overall system control in the truck. It is specifically designed to provide unified operational interfaces in a hybrid environment, easing the transition between traditional, SDI-connected technology and software-defined, IP-connected architectures.

“The small frame size fitted well into the truck, but what really made it the right choice for us was the integrated multiviewer,” said Geert Thoelen, transitions manager at NEP Belgium. “The multiviewer is also much more flexible than our old monitoring setup. Unit 14 might do football Friday, Saturday and Sunday, then entertainment and concerts during the week, so we constantly need to change the configuration. We can set up as many PiPs as we need for whatever the director wants.”