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EMG delivers broadcast facilities for UEFA Women’s Euro 2022

The company had a fleet of five NOVA OB trucks at ten stadiums spread across England, including both Wembley and Old Trafford

EMG has successfully delivered broadcast facilities for each of the 31 matches during this summer’s UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 tournament.

The company had a fleet of five NOVA OB trucks at ten stadiums spread across England, including both Wembley and Old Trafford.

The distance between the stadiums, driving times, where team members were located, time to rig, de-rig and transmit, all had to be factored in and calculated by the EMG team in producing a sustainable and environmentally friendly crew schedule for the tournament.

EMG also employed a delivery team that was equally split between men and women, while half of the tournament’s directors and unit managers were female.

Each EMG compound featured recycling facilities, alongside water coolers to remove any reliance on single use plastic with trucks running on HVO Green D+ fuel.

In total, the tournament employed 464 crews: 126 from Sunset & Vine and 336 from EMG.

Rosanne Elzinga, UEFA WEURO broadcast venue manager, Media Rights & Production Services, Chrissie Collins​, client manager EMG UK, Reda Smeleviciute-Law, UEFA Women’s EURO 2022, broadcast venue manager

Chrissie Collins, client manager, EMG said:“The Women’s Euros is a huge operation to plan for logistically. It’s tough for our production services team to look at all the information and plot how this going to work into a schedule. We studied the distance between grounds and the time it takes to get there, how many people we’d need on the team, reflecting the right gender balance within the crew and all the tasks that need to be completed, etc.

“It’s been fantastic, and everyone has really enjoyed it. Once we were underway, with the strength and depth in our team, we got into a smooth rhythm in no time.”

Sunset & Vine provided the tournament’s full production, including directors, production managers, floor managers and world feed producers. From the EMG family, specialist camera provider, ACS supplied minicams and the ACS SMARTgrip, Broadcast RF supplied RF cameras and Boost Graphics provided graphics and data processing. UHD native graphics were managed with NEXT, the EMG graphics solution, and coupled to the UEFA data feed to capture live statistics, said the company. Four experienced operators managed by BOOST worked on machines embedded into the main OB.