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CP Communications launches cloud-based solutions for live mutli-camera productions

Both Virtual Media Centre and FastReturn secure video management platform are built around WebRTC

CP Communications is launching two new products aimed at the live video production market.

Both Virtual Media Centre and FastReturn secure video management platform are built around WebRTC, and have been proven in the field during high-profile events over the past few years.

FastReturn’s base package includes five streams and supports up to 100 users, but can be scaled to accommodate additional sources and larger crews, said the company. Users access FastReturn content via a web browser on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, as well as through Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire Stick digital media players. Content is accessed through a secure client portal.

The platform can ingest any H.264 baseline profile RTMP stream, supporting HD resolution and 128kbit stereo audio with bitrates up to 10 MBps with less than 400ms of latency, said CP Communications. FastReturn can also spin up edge servers around the world that are geographically closer to the production to provide low latency.

The Virtual Media Centre is a browser-based multi-viewer designed for monitoring, not retransmission, of live video signals. It is designed for use by remote journalists, and features a variety of multi-viewer templates. Users can select which video feeds to monitor via a browser-based interface. All templates deliver video feeds with secure, two-step authentication and less than 400ms of latency, said the company.

“For members of the media who are not able to travel to an event, or for video production crew members who can’t be on site, the Virtual Media Centre provides an effective and efficient way to monitor the live action from multiple cameras,” said Kurt Heitmann, CEO of CP Communications.