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Capturing the beautiful game’s global showcase with…Grass Valley

Grass Valley details the cameras, switchers, processing and cloud technology it's providing to variety of media organisations for their coverage of Qatar 2022

TVBEurope is showcasing some of the technology being employed to bring the beautiful game to the screen.

What is your company’s role?

Grass Valley is providing cameras, switchers, as well as processing and cloud technology to a variety of media organisations involved either in the main production or in localised productions and distribution in countries all over the world.

How many people will be involved in the operation – remote vs on site

Grass Valley isn’t required to have anyone on-site in Qatar but our technical team in Dubai as well as our global support team will be on standby in case of any emergency.

What technology are you deploying on the project?

Grass Valley equipment will be used throughout the production chain.

Half of the stadiums will each have a K-Frame XP C switcher fully loaded with 80 inputs, 40 outputs, and 5 M/E plus multiviewer and Kayenne panels.

The other half of the stadiums will each be equipped with a fully loaded K-Frame XP S. This means 196 inputs, 96 outputs, and 9 M/E plus multiviewer and Kayenne panels. 

These switchers will be used to produce all the matches.

The Main Media Centre (MMC) will be used for the centralised production of all non-match content in 1080P. This includes training footage, fan stories, and interviews. These feeds will be coming in from various locations over fibre with a 10GB/s capacity. For this reason, 48 Grass Valley LDX-150 cameras with built-in JPEG-XS will be used to bring the signals back to the MMC where they will do camera shading and the final production. 

Our Densité platform XIP-3901 JPEG-XS modular card is used to decode these streams to SMPTE 2110 for display in the multiviewer and use in the production switchers.

For the final production 3 more fully loaded K-Frame XP S switchers are being used. These switchers have each been split into 4 suites for a total of 12 suites. Each suite is being used for a different type of production. The main 6 suites each have a 2 M/E Kayenne panel, and the others are using a 1 M/E Korona panel as well as KSP software panels. 

Densité platform XIP-3901 universal processors will be used to decode the JPEG-XS at the MMC to feed switchers and multiviewers.

Grass Valley Alchemist will be used to perform frame-rate conversion of the main feeds for US viewing. LDX-150 cameras and K-Frame XP production switchers will be used to produce the studio shows around the world cup in the US as well.

Grass Valley’s AMPP-based GV Playout will work alongside Tata Communications’ Media Cloud to broadcast and stream World Cup games to over 20 Caribbean countries for their client CSport; a premium OTT, cable and FTA sports amd general entertainment content provider in the region.

Is any of it new?

LDX-100 Series cameras, K-Frame XP and GV Playout X are all brand-new technologies.

What are the stand-out USPs of your company’s role in terms of sustainability, cloud usage, remote production?
  • The LDX-100 Series cameras are self-contained IP endpoints with no separate base station; eliminating the 2 RU of rack space and weight per camera that is required for other systems saving on costs, shipping and carbon footprint while simplifying connection to cloud based or remote production workflows.
  • NativeIP means the cameras can be added anywhere in the IP network. Up to 100 Gb/s IP network connections for audio, video and control directly at the camera head enable distribution of camera sources wherever they are needed on the network. Authorised users can simultaneously access the same video and audio streams from any workstation. Creative Grading X provides a new option for vision engineers to shade from a remote location.
  • Implementation of AMWA-NMOS protocols means the camera is instantly discovered and connected to a network control system. When production formats change or there are restricted local infrastructure requirements field-swappable SFP and QSFP connectors at various bitrates are easy to change. Creative Grading allows shading profiles to be quickly copied to multiple cameras. 
  • Featuring the largest I/O footprint in the industry, the GV K-Frame X and GV K-Frame XP offer a cost-effective and powerful path to all IP connections, all SDI or combination of both to enable a blend of on-premise, remote and centralised live production.