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AWS, Bundesliga kick-off more Match Facts

The two latest additions take the number of Bundesliga Match Facts up to 10

German football fans will be able to see more insights into their teams’ matches from this weekend as AWS and Bundesliga launch two new Match Facts graphics.

Set Piece Threat and Skill will debut on March 4, 2022, during the game between Arminia Bielefeld and FC Augsburg.

The Set Piece Threat Match Fact aims to give fans a new perspective on a team’s scoring ability from plays such as free kicks and corner kicks, while Skill compares Bundesliga players to visualise the skills they bring to their teams and positions.

The two additions take the number of Bundesliga Match Facts up to 10.

All of the Match Facts are generated by gathering and analysing data from live game camera feeds as they’re streamed into AWS. From there, Bundesliga uses AWS capabilities in analytics, machine learning, compute, storage, database, serverless, and media services to glean insights and generate predictions.

Bundesliga then uses AWS capabilities to train, deploy, and scale the machine learning models used to generate the Facts and deliver them as on-screen graphics during broadcasts and in the official Bundesliga app.

“The pace of the players, the action on the pitch – football is nonstop action.,” said Andreas Heyden, EVP of digital innovations for DFL Deutsche Football League.

“We created the Bundesliga Match Facts powered by AWS to enrich the match experience for millions of fans worldwide, with real-time insights that deepen the viewer’s knowledge and appreciation of the sport and player actions.

“Together with AWS, we’re adding a whole new dimension to the sport, with innovative in-game perspectives that give context on game strategy to help redefine how the world watches football,” Heyden added.