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Cerberus Tech enables interoperable conversion of IP video traffic, Haivision introduces Path Redundancy for live streaming, and more

TVBEurope rounds up news on new products and solutions from Cerberus Tech, Haivision and Vizrt

Cerberus Tech has launched IO, a software-based live IP video switching application that enables switching between RTP, UDP, RIST, SRT, RTMP and HLS delivery protocols.

The software can be scaled to unlimited outputs and used within a device, data centre or cloud environment.

It enables automatic switching between open video transport stream protocols, for in/out video and audio contribution and distribution, allowing users to convert on-premises video traffic to cloud facing protocols.

The software is compatible with any other device using the same standards, and offers interoperability without the need for proprietary software. IO can be installed as a container on hardware, virtual machine or cloud environments, as well as behind organisational firewalls.

Haivision debuts Path Redundancy for live video streaming

Haivision has introduced Path Redundancy, a hitless failover designed for uninterrupted transport streaming of high value live video over more than one network path.

Path Redundancy uses Haivision’s SRT technology to provide protection from extreme packet loss due to network interruptions or failure by assigning multiple routes for live video content. Path Redundancy receivers automatically select the first packet to arrive from either network.

Haivision is including Path Redundancy in the latest version of the Makito X4 video encoder firmware, which enables a single video source to be encoded and streamed over two or more IP network routes. SRT Gateway also now features Path Redundancy for video networking across public, private and cloud infrastructures.

Vizrt Tackles Software-Based Production Control

Vizrt has announced Vizrt Production Control, a single solution for end-to-end software-based production, graphics, control and automation for daily news, live sports and other live production.

Vizrt Production Control is one of five software solution suites available via Flexible Access, Vizrt’s monthly or annual subscription service that gives media professionals access to different Vizrt media workflows, the company said.

The new offering can be deployed on premise using commercial off-the-shelf hardware or as a virtualised solution running in a cloud environment. Three tiers of production control capabilities are available, said Vizrt.

The new software solution leverages control automation, improving the end product by reducing errors, streamlining workflows and remotely controlling all production systems. According to Vizrt it enables producers to use the same assets and templates across multiple production sites for more consistent results, allowing them to focus their efforts on producing more engaging content.