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Argosy launches newly designed SMPTE cables for HD and UHD

According to the company, the new design provides an "outstanding degree" of resilience and resistance to damage

Cable company Argosy has launched Hyperflex, a new design for SMPTE camera cables for HD and Ultra HD where the fibres and copper are enclosed in an outer jacket made of a custom-developed polyurethane rubberised compound.

According to the company, the new design provides an “outstanding degree” of resilience and resistance to damage. Argosy says the flexible nature of the cables avoids issues with voltage leaks due to slight damage to the copper conductors results in the CCU failing to connect to the camera.

“SMPTE cables, inherently, have a definite lifecycle,” said Josh Simons, technical director of Argosy. “Our customers told us that replacing cables was a significant ongoing operational expense, and asked us to look at extending the working life of a camera cable. Working with our key supplier Draka that is what we have achieved.

“In the harsh environments that camera cables find themselves, Hyperflex is bombproof. Add to that the greatly reduced lifetime costs thanks to the resilience, and Hyperflex delivers a valuable cut in operational costs,” he added.