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ZyLink Bridge app-driven wireless lighting control

The new ZyLink Bridge is a lightweight, $129 wireless fob that allows users to control multiple Zylights from an iPhone or iPad via a free app.

It allows users to dim the lights, or find the colour they want with their iPhone, which is handy if the light’s on-board controls aren’t in easy reach, and then save the selection as a pre-set. This is particularly useful with Zylight’s IS3, IS3c, Z90 or other models equipped with Color Mode, which can produces millions of colours without requiring gels or filters.

The Bridge is simple to set up, without any routers or networks to configure. Just turn on a light, select one of ten ZyLink wireless channels, and control using the app, which can work with multiple lights at once.

It includes four effects (crossfade, strobe, police, and flame) and pre-sets to save lighting assignments.