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Zeiss/ARRI: Master Anamorphic family completed

The new Master Anamorphic MA135/T1.9 lens is the seventh lens in the Master Anamorphic family jointly developed by ARRI and Zeiss, and completes the range.

The first three-lens set (35, 50 and 75mm) was introduced at IBC last year, and has since been joined by 40, 60 and 100mm lenses. The 135mm version has just started shipping.

They are designed as high-performance lenses that are particularly effective wide open (all are T1.9), and are claimed to solve many of the problems commonly associated with anamorphic optics. The lenses show hardly any image breathing and exceptionally low distortion. The issue of anamorphic mumps – when faces shot at close range appear wider – is balanced out automatically. This is achieved by positioning the cylindrical lens elements at strategically important points in the lens. The almost telecentric optical design reduces colour errors (chromatic aberrations) and shading in the corners of the image.

The lenses produce a unique anamorphic bokeh that is free from artefacts, and have new iris diaphragm with 15 aperture blades to create a bokeh that is perfectly oval and evenly illuminated. Annoying reflections that can show up in critical lighting situations are largely avoided.