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Zacuto: Bringing tripods to a new level

Zacuto wants camera users to buy its electronic viewfinders, but to make best use of them requires a tripod that allows the EVFs to remain level with the user’s eye as the camera moves. Such tripods are usually expensive, until now, with Zacuto’s own entrance into the market.

Its Z12 and Z18 tripods are built to take an eyepiece leveller (such as those from Arri), along with the highly adjustable Zacuto Axis arm to mount the EVF on, which makes it easy to switch from tripod to handheld use. There is also an optional front box mount (for holding tools, such as tape measures).

The two-stage carbon fibre tripods will be bundled with fluid heads with graded drag and counterbalance for frictionless operation with a smooth pan and tilt, as well as centre spreaders, rubber removable feet and a case.

The Z-18 can take a maximum payload of 20kg (and should cost about $3,500), while the Z-12 can carry up to 11.8kg. Zacuto is also planning to introduce a lower-cost two-stage aluminium tripod, the Z8, which will take a maximum payload of 6.3kg.