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Zacuto: Baseplate built for comfort

Camera accessories specialist Zacuto has updated its VCT Baseplate for a new generation of cameras and users. The new, more comfortable gel polymer shoulder pad and universal baseplate combination uses a sliding dovetail that offers balance for any camera setup and should make it simpler to adjust the balance when you change a lens or other accessory.

Two 16cm quick-release threaded rods extend from the front of the plate and are claimed to offer more open accessory rod space than any other VCT-style baseplate. The rod mount is set back 7.5cm further than rival baseplates, to cater for large sensor front-heavy rigs.

Rods can also be fitted at the back to hold articulating arms, batteries or counterbalance. There are also multiple mounting points along the side of the plate for more accessory options. An adjustable tail hook can accommodate different tripod plates.