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YouTube invests in Photon Beard’s Highlight LEDs

YouTube has become the first customer for Photon Beard’s new Highlight LED lights, with the installation of more than 50 in three new studios, plus community areas, at the YouTube Space London production suites in Google’s London headquarters.

The build also involved fitting existing fluorescent and tungsten lights from YouTube’s previous studios, so it was important that the new lights matched them. “The Highlight LEDs complement what they already had in a very efficient manner,” said Photon Beard’s MD, Peter Daffarn (pictured). The lights have been built to replicate previous 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-tube fluorescents, using remote phosphor technology that uses about 20% less power but gives about 15% more light.

The compact LEDs also use passive cooling, so have no fan noise, which is important for small studios such as YouTube’s single-height Studio 3, which is mainly used for greenscreen work. Photon Beard also supplied its lighting truss fixtures to provide flexibility for the three studios.

YouTube Space is a free facility for YouTube partners; it is offering production time to any YouTube creator whose channel has more than 10,000 subscribers and is in good standing.

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