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Yamaha: Third incarnation boosts mixer powers

The CL and QL series digital mixing consoles have received a significant boost with the latest V3.0 software for both broadcast and live sound applications

5.1 pan positioning can now be set via the touch panel or knobs and in addition to surround mixing, CL/QL V3.0 adds basic surround monitoring. Monitor alignment capability is also provided, with adjustment of relative speaker levels and delays. Mix to Matrix can be used for international sound production and Mix to Stereo can be used for stereo mixdown.

Dugan automatic mixing has been included on QL consoles since their launch last year, but V3.0 now brings the facility to all CL series mixers as well. Provided through close co-operation with Dan Dugan Sound Design, gain distribution for up to 16 speech microphone channels is automatically optimised in realtime. An accurate VCM model of the Buss Comp 369 buss compressor is also included. Yamaha said it was ideal for inserting on the stereo mix buss for increased loudness, more uniform levels and warm overall sound, for both live and broadcast applications.

Frame delay in this version, means it’s now possible to incrementally delay audio at the mixer to achieve proper synchronisation with video signals. Additionally, V3.0 makes it possible to select eight band parametric EQ in the GEQ rack and effect rack. A realtime analyser (RTA) is now provided to support room tuning and other operations.

Mix Minus, important for relay broadcast applications, is now available to QL consoles, as well as CL series consoles from V2.0 upward.

DCA assignment has been added to the parameters for Recall Safe, Focus Recall, and Global Paste and four banks are now provided for enhanced User Defined Keys convenience. It also allows keys to be grouped by function for improved audio production mixing efficiency.