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X marks spot for new Arrow head

The ArrowX series is an update of Miller’s Arrow range of fluid heads, with the addition of a new sequential counterbalance design (CB Plus), which is claimed to result in ‘repeatable, accurate and rapid set-up’.

CB Plus offers eight large counterbalance steps, so that users can get to their needed position quickly and efficiently, while the CB Plus switch on the front of the head adds a half step to enable counterbalance refinement. This should make the ArrowX useful for applications where frequent and fast re-rigging is required. They also have a much wider payload range than their predecessors.

Other new features include the ability to remove the clamp stud to easily mount the head on flat base surfaces such as sliders, as well as a 120mm sliding plate travel to help quickly re-balance changing camera payloads. A precision ball bearing supports pan-tilt movements for smooth starts and soft stops, and a precise floating pan-tilt calliper locks for bounce free on-off locking. Where extra rigidity is required, a Mitchel Base adaptor can be fitted.

The ArrowX 3 has a payload range of 1-19kg, 16 positions of counterbalance and 5+0 progressive pan and tilt drag positions. The ArrowX 5 can carry 2-21kg and has 7+0 pan and tilt drag positions, while the ArrowX 7 supports 6-25kg.