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World’s widest 2/3-inch UHD lens

The new Canon CJ12ex4.3B zoom lens is claimed to be widest 2/3-inch UHD portable broadcast lens released so far. The 12x zoom goes as wide as 4.3mm, and is ideal for shooting interviews or live broadcast, including sport and news.

Canon also announced that it is developing a new compact 2/3-inch 4K all-purpose-zoom, which will be optimised for both indoor and outdoor shooting, across a variety of applications including sport, drama and commercials.

The CJ12ex4.3B is claimed to offer ‘first-class image quality from the very centre to the edge’, and has a built-in 2x extender for greater focal reach whilst maintaining 4K optical performance.

To provide sharp, high contrast images there is an increased use of fluorite and UD glass, with expert coatings, for greater control over ghosting and flare. A new three group internal focus system reduces focus breathing.

The compact lens weighs 2.1kg, making it similar in size and weight to a comparable 2/3-inch HD ENG lens. It includes three 20-pin connectors for integration with existing HD zoom/focus controllers and can be directly connected to an external virtual operation system at the same time., 11.E50