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World’s longest 4K UHD zoom

Following the introduction last year of Fujinon’s UA80x9 and UA22x9 zoom lenses for Ultra HD 2/3-inch cameras, broadcasters have been asking for wider and longer focal ranges. This has led to the launch of the new UA13x4.5 (4.5-118mm) ultra-wide angle lens, as well as the new UA107x8.4 (8.4-1800mm – including its 2x extender), which is claimed to be the world’s longest 4K UHD focal length.

The UA107x8.4 weighs almost 24kg, is 610mm long (the same length as the UA80x9), and has a maximum aperture of f1.7 (up to 340mm), rising to f4.5 at 900mm.

The UA13x4.5 weighs 2.28kg, includes a 2x extender, and has a maximum aperture of f1.8 (up to 41mm), rising to f2.6 at 59mm.

Fujifilm has also added an upgraded UA80x9 (10.8-864mm) with a 1.2 extender (alongside the existing 2x extender) that provides more flexibility when shooting under wide-ranging lighting conditions, as it doesn’t
reduce light intake as much as the 2x extender.

To aid broadcasters who can’t currently invest in new UHD lenses or who are still assessing their options Fujifilm has joined with various rental partners to make the UA-Series lenses available, including UK-based ES Broadcast, which has acquired a large quantity of Fujinon UA80x9 and UA22x8 UHD lenses.