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WorldCast Systems: Goldenear seeks out coverage gaps

The Audemat FM MC5 test & measurement platform has had its European launch at IBC. The 5kg FM MC5 offers both mobile RF coverage measurement and extensive modulation analysis; WorldCast described it as essentially a complete laboratory-grade test platform in a highly portable box.

The FM MC5 was designed to measure the performance of RF broadcasts in the field or at the transmitter site, as well helping those developing, producing and testing products for the FM market. It offers RF scanning, mobile RF analysis and RDS Decoding, MPX/Audio analysis, signal generation (RF MPX and audio) and a multitude of other test and analysis capabilities (frequency meter, distortion meter, spectrum analyser and oscilloscope).

With its dedicated antenna, the Audemat FM MC5 is suited to in-car use during drive tests to check FM station coverage and occupation of the FM band across a wide coverage area. Highly accurate RF and RDS measurements are linked to a GPS location and can be presented in a highly detailed display featuring map-based representations of signal strength as well as in-depth graphs and data.

WorldCast has announced at IBC that the FM MC5 can also be supplied with Goldenear software which enables in-depth analysis of the FM signal quality reception gathered through a mobile measurement campaign. Goldenear provides a detailed and graphical display of RF coverage data and combines this with accurate modulation analysis to provide a comprehensive map-based overview of reception quality.

The company said this data can reveal black spots or weaknesses in the coverage which were not forecast. It can also be used to provide an independent analysis of a station’s strength to impress existing or potential advertisers, or financial backers.
The unit’s configuration wizards and usability have also been upgraded.