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Wohler Technologies: Trusted products for DPP standards

Wohler Technologies will be discussing its participation in the new compliance programme created by the Digital Production Partnership (DPP), an industry collaboration that provides information and shares best practices to help producers and broadcasters maximise the potential of digital production.

The DPP Compliance Programme and subsequent guidelines are intended to help the industry identify trusted products for DPP standards across the UK and to speed up the successful implementation of the digital delivery process by ensuring files are compliant with DPP AS-11.

“Compliance with the DPP specification is becoming a critical part of operations for many content producers, and our goal is to enable customers to create DPP deliverables with efficiency and confidence,” said Craig Newbury, VP of sales for Wohler. “To this end, our solution, powered by the RadiantGrid Intelligent Media Transformation Platform, automates the DPP compliance workflow entirely within the file-based domain, going beyond other solutions to include features such as automated content assembly and legalisation.

“We’re pleased to be part of the new DPP Compliance Programme and look forward to demonstrating how sophisticated yet cost effective file-based processing can successfully speed and streamline the packaging and delivery of DPP-compliant content,” he noted.

Through the new DPP programme, participating manufacturers will provide details of completed tests, the sample files produced, and evidence of the results obtained on file delivery or processing products that are in development or being marketed. The programme aims to establish a minimum quality threshold that manufacturers’ tested products need to meet.