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Wohler Technologies: Adapt and evolve to remain relevant

Times continue to change for traditional broadcasters, including the customer base long served by Wohler, and chief among these changes is the fact that there are new and increasingly diverse ways to deliver content to a wider range of audiences. While diverse outlets and platforms for content delivery yield valuable new opportunities for broadcasters to monetise content in new ways, the rise of multiplatform distribution also makes it imperative that broadcasters have the means to differentiate their services through better quality and faster time-to-delivery.

In light of these business drivers, Wohler recognises the need to adapt both our approach to product development and our evolving engagement with customers. To remain relevant and competitive, we have re-focused our efforts to produce groundbreaking products not only for the baseband market that traditionally has been our wheelhouse, but also for products that operate in the stream and file domains. While these products must remain robust and be of outstanding quality, our customers also demand that they offer versatility, adaptability, and scalability — the very same requirements to which our customers’ businesses must adapt.

Wohler products are becoming mission critical systems, rather than peripheral devices, and we have responded to this welcome shift by introducing greater agility across engineering, account management, and support — the business areas that help to assure customers can take full advantage of our products and solutions in reaching their technical and business objectives.

While in the past we have confined our teams and technology to ‘silos’ dedicated to specific solution areas or operational environments, we now have consolidated our unique product portfolio so that it may be better leveraged across a greater breadth of solutions. In this way, we can offer our customers products and platforms boasting even greater adaptability and scalability — and, consequently, better support as they address the changing demands of the broadcast business.

Through all of these efforts, Wohler is progressively entering new markets and attracting new customers with diverse applications. ‘Yesterday’s Wohler’ simply would not have been mentioned in the same breath as the terms ‘new markets’ and ‘diverse applications, but the products we’ll show at IBC2014 will demonstrate Wohler’s slingshot advance into provision of forward-looking monitoring and media processing solutions.

IBC2014 is sure to feature an enormous array of solutions targeting the requirements of multiformat media delivery, and we are confident that solutions on the Wohler booth will impress. We look forward to highlighting the refined capabilities of our MPEG Series monitors, as well as the improved feature set, speed, and extensibility of our award-winning iON multi-platform remote monitoring system.

The flagship AMP2-E16V audio/video monitor, now available with an AVB option, is just one example of how we’ve combined our popular proven technologies with leading-edge capabilities to support our customers’ progress toward more flexible and efficient workflows. Likewise, the RadiantGrid-based WohlerGateway packaging and delivery solution and Cinnafilm Tachyon Wormhole automated file-based retiming solution demonstrate our commitment to providing smart, practical solutions for the pressing demands of an evolving media marketplace.