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Wireless upgrade for ENG crews

A microwave system for ENG or video assist, claimed to be an affordable option to enable camera crews to transmit video wirelessly over distances of up to 750m, is on show at IBC2017.

The camera-mounted AB405 from ABonAir has a built-in bi-directional radio channel between the transmitter and receiver that acknowledges the correct acceptance of each group of pixels. This is said to provide “exceptionally robust and reliable transmission”, according to its developers.

The AB405 enables video to be transmitted up to 750m and has an LCD display and a frequency selector.

Also at IBC is ABonAir’s AB512 wireless microwave link system which uses H.264 compression and is said to deliver video with a seven millisecond delay.

The AB512 supports ABonAir’s Fibre Coverage Extension (FCE), enabling the connection of a single receiver to multiple FCEs.

Suggested applications include horse racing venues, covering race track, stables and the winning circle.