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WiFi adds polish to Granite batteries

Two new ranges of Blueshape Granite batteries have been launched with WiFi control from a phone or tablet app, and the ability for rental houses to switch them off once the rental period has finished.

The larger Granite Two range of batteries are available for all models in Blueshape’s high-rate discharge HD and weather-proof Splash ranges (100Wh, 190Wh and 270Wh), while the 110mm x 96mm Granite Mini is available in two capacities: 95Wh and 142Wh. The Mini also offers a high drain capability of 12A continuous discharge, and two D-Tap power outlets can power additional devices up to about 80W.

Although previously only available as a V-mount battery, the Granite Two and Granite Mini batteries are also being offered with a 3-stud mount. Both models can be controlled via an iOS or Android app via WiFi, so that users can monitor the state of any batteries within about 20 metres.

The two battery ranges are also claimed to be the first that will allow rental houses to manage the leasing period on the battery. Once the rental period has expired, the batteries will automatically lock themselves.

Users are always informed, via the app, of residual rental time. Any owner can also set the battery to ‘brick mode’ so that it can’t be used if stolen, and reactivate it when needed.