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Whats’On update improves cost and scheduling simulations

In an effort to bridge the gap between scheduling and costs, MediaGenix’s broadcast management system Whats’On has been updated to include the ability to do multiple simulations that take into account financials, ratings and other KPIs.

Michel Beke, senior VP of product strategy at MediaGenix, explained, “Whats’On now offers new tools that significantly improve the broadcasters’ ability to choose the best strategic plan.

“They can do that on the basis of accurate, live data on the financial implications and the impact on the stock. This is possible because the cost of every simulation is accurately updated with changes in the actual schedule and in the actual contract and finance management. An added functional benefit is that the new simulation tools allow for multiple ‘mini-simulations’ on a tactical level of scheduling.”

Also at IBC MediaGenix is touting the workflow engine within Whats’On, which the company says breaks down the barrier between linear and non-linear content distribution.

In a joint effort with its customers it is developing enhancements that will enable a scheduling team to handle both linear and non-linear content publishing at the same time and using the same tool
or tools.

In addition, What’s On now also has a configurable User Interface that allows operators to choose their own layouts.