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Web-based on-air logger

A new compliance recording system has been introduced, which is fitted with MPEG-DASH streaming capabilities, coupled with a completely redesigned graphical user interface. Previously functioning solely with a WMV-based encoder and a streaming server, Anyware Video’s compliance recorder system allows for media review through a web interface.

Anyware Video’s new system, the Pige Antenne, is equipped with MPEG-DASH streaming technology using H.264 encoding. The new GUI allows for simultaneous reviewing of live streams and previously recorded media through a timeline view.

Operators can now easily navigate to any point in time to search for a past recording and instantaneously preview a desired media on a web interface with just a few clicks of a button, said Anyware Video.

According to the company, the responsive timeline enables users to easily select a desired segment, change its duration, its mark in and out point and export it in several formats for external use, all without being physically on the recording server.