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Web access from the stars

IBC visitors looking for internet access via satellite can head to the IPcopter stand, where the company is showcasing its latest offerings.

The WebToGo DriveAway is designed for SNG, and is said to offer simple installation, with a single cable connecting the antenna system to a single box indoor unit. Operation is said to be similarly simple: the user powers on, starts the WebToGo app, and pushes the internet button.

Connection will then take between one and three minutes, once motorised autopointing has completed.

It is also compact and lightweight, measuring 20cm high in the park position and weighing less than 15kg. Performance of up to 10Mbps (with the advanced modem) is achieved via the Ka band Newsspotter service, with which the unit is bundled for single point of contact support.

An offset TV LNB allows simultaneous TV reception.

The WebToGo FlyAway is similarly specified, and comes in two bags – one measuring 100cm x 30cm x 30cm and weighing 16kg, with the second having a diameter of 90cm and a weighing 8kg.