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Watt’s up for Block buster

First-time exhibitor Block Battery engineers systems for high current applications to power high-end cameras and portable video or lighting equipment.

Its 2F1-S-Box battery system can be mounted directly on a light stand with a mafer clamp, and is capable of powering a wide range of 14v or 28v lighting systems, including the latest high power LED or 200W HMI. There is also a 2F1-D-Box for regulated 24v output applications, such as the KinoFlo Celeb. The similar 2F1-MAF-MT-28 battery system powers 28v lighting systems, while its 2F1-MAF-MT-14 offers 14v output.

The 600-INV-E (or 600-INV) is a portable AC power system that provides 220v AC pure sine wave power from four 2F1 batteries (2F1 batteries and chargers sold separately) with a combined capacity of 480 to 600 Watt hours.

BlockBattery has also expanded its range of block systems with new 560Whr blocks that charge in the half the time, compared to competitive products such as the VCLX. The new 600 Series blocks come in three configurations to suit varying equipment applications and voltage requirements.